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Dear Clients,
We have been trying to serve you best to expose on the Cannabizz 2012 fair in Prague. Unfortunately things turned against the project itself and we have no other option than to cancel the show immediately to avoid more calamities for all included partners. At this point we can summarize the arguments to stop the project in a few sentences:

1) In the last week three of our best customers canceled the appearance, which broke down the calculation totally and it is total unrealistic to replace.

2) We had to fight with effects of illness in a yet unknown accumulation, which is of course not a reason to stop a show but to try harder.

3) Last but most important and because of the two first points we considered that we are not able to guarantee the same or better level of event compared with our last show.

Of course the decision, about to make a less valuable show or to stop it totally, is hard but in the end unavoidable in order to prevent more loss for all clients.
We have chosen this way because we feel it is a benefit to you as clients.
We apologize for the situation and are open for each kind of feedback and/or questions.



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